Italian design, German technology, Polish craftsmanship, Scottish stylishness

Atlas Kitchens - the perfect marriage of best European qualities united in endeavours to provide you with the highest standards of kitchen furniture and fitting services!

At Atlas Kitchens we understand that every person is unique. That is why we only create custom kitchens to make sure you are the only person in the world who will have exactly THIS kitchen. All our kitchen cupboards and worktops are made especially for you in our factory in Poland. Atlas can offer you all standard sizes of units, but with variety of depths, heights and widths, as well as extraordinary sizes of units can be made to measure in order to use the space in your kitchen up to the maximum. Thanks to such an abundant and diverse product range, Atlas Kitchens is able to satisfy all your requirements. It does not necessarily entail that your dream kitchen from Atlas would be beyond your means, simply visit us and check it, you WILL be amazed!

Atlas Kitchens constantly focus on our customers' needs and comfort. Our engineers exert themselves to bring you latest technologies and solutions together with durable, fashionable, beautiful and practical kitchen furniture. We believe that thanks to our hard work, every moment you will spend in your new kitchen will be a moment of pure pleasure, relaxation and fun. Atlas Kitchens is aiming at creating your new kitchen in the way which will reflect your personality, be completetly unique and made especially for you, so that your kitchen will become the favourite place in your house for you, your family and friends.

Outstanding look on the outside is combined in Atlas Kitchens with the best technological gadgets inside. We use only Blumotion drawer runners made by BLUM (they come as a standard in our drawers), also Atlas offers 6 types of drawers to match with style of the fronts (white with glass, stainless steel with glass, black with glass, grey, white and black) all with durability up to 50kg in a single drawer. We also offer BLUM drawer organizers ORGA-LINE to help you keep all plates, cutlery and other bits and bobs neat and tidy. Our units are all equipped with mechanisms that are all soft close type, again it comes as a standard so you don't need to worry about paying extra for such essential features.  As an additional feature, Atlas offers SERVO-DRIVE systems which are totally new and "must-have" for interior design fashionistas (and really allow you to use your kitchen effortlessly and with pleasure!). They are automated electrical systems operating the drawers so you just need a gentle tap and they will open or close your drawers or horizontal wall units. SERVO-DRIVE system is installed in the kitchen in our window display - come and have a look, this is XXI century knocking at your kitchen door!

Atlas Kitchens offer a wide range of fronts, but also a variety of colours of carcasses to create the best blend of shades and styles in your new kitchen. There are 14 basic colours of carcass that you can choose from at a standard price and another 6 available at a small surcharge. All our carcasses are made of laminate board 18mm thick

With our extensive variety of shapes, colours and materials of fronts you will be spoilt for choice! The doors come in various thickness options - 18mm, 19mm and 22mm. Atlas Kitchens has on offer aluminium fully glazed fronts and glass can come in many colours and patterns. You can see black glass and aluminium wall units with flowery pattern continued throughout presented in one of our display kitchens in Crow Road showroom.

Solid wood fronts are available in 10 different style ranges, each range offering from 2 to 8 colours. Hardwood fronts come in bevelled shape, Shaker style, with integrated handles and more and can be made of oak, alder or beech. Atlas Kitchens guarantees that timber used to manufacture your kitchen is of the best quality, as well as its skillful and masterly woodworking. Whether you are looking to re-create a Victorian or country kitchen in your home or dreaming about sturdiness and quality feel of real wood but with modern character, Atlas has a solid wood kitchen perfect for you!

Laminate or melamine kitchen fronts are a durable and stylish option if you are on a bit tighter budget or simply fell in love in one of dozens of styles available in these ranges. The main range here, Agata, comes in 24 colours, from variety of wood-effect doors to beige, white or graphite. Another laminate style, Agnes, offers integrated aluminium handles for even more trendy and comfortable finish. In these ranges Atlas has also black integrated handles.

Our MDF fronts come also in a sleek and modern finish - in Acrylux foil. Atlas Kitchens recommends Acrylux doors for  contemporary and funky kitchens or party kitchens, as well as for everyone who loves fun, vibrant colours and a lot of shine. Olivia fronts come in 18 colours, ranging from popular white, vanilla, grey, cappucino, through lively orange, fiery red, deep burgundy or aubergine, green or with blossom pattern to dark brown or black.  

A very trendy group of Atlas fronts are lacquered MDF doors, available in matt or high gloss finish. Ultimately in fashion, chic and sturdy, our varnished fronts are a great option for elegant and simple kitchens, as well as for modern and brave ones. Choice of dozens of interesting and magnificent colours can make your head spin, so be prepared! Spring green, olive, lava, brick-red, pearl, creme, ash-grey, magnolia or blueberry are just examples of multitude of tones and shades presented to you by Atlas in varnished MDF fronts. Patricia range is available either with fully varnished recessed integrated handles or with glass inserts as the background of the integrated handles - in white, black, burgundy, beige and grey glass. A bit more traditional range Eliza in Shaker style comes in over 30 colours in matt finish. Certain varnished MDF ranges available to our Glasgow customers both in matt and high gloss finish. Some fronts feature steel integrated handles (front-length recessed or projecting handles, or inserted in the middle of the front), other come with bevelled integrated handles and the rest are available plain so that you can choose among endless styles of our handles. 

Veneer fronts are available in less expensive option of natural veneer painted in natural wood colours, or extremely elegant modified veneer created in a process of glueing natural wood and sewing the veneer together. Among glued veneer 3 colours can be ordered with continuity of grains throughout several units, up to 2.6m in length. Atlas Kitchens proudly presents a unique and revolutionary product, a "rough cut" finish natural veneer fronts available in two shades of oak. Their surface is covered with uneven grooves mimicking rough cut timber, like a board before planing (our "rough cut" veneer has both contemporary and traditional look, which is a quite of achievement, isn't it?). Don't just wait and wonder, please visit our Crow Road showroom in Glasgow and see rough cut oak veneer on display - we are certain you will love it instantly!

Atlas Kitchens offers a special type of kitchen units - the "slat system". It combines carcasses with specially milled edges covered with metal slats and slightly narrower fronts. Thanks to this cutting edge technological solution unit doors can be easily open but fronts are completely plain and handleless, even without any integrated or recessed handles.The "slat system" offered by Atlas Kitchens creates a trully modern, clean and smart look and works very well in tiny kitchens as well (no handles means no clothes being caught). 

Please take a moment to browse through the variety of kitchens presented on our website and visit our showroom at 120 Queen Margaret Drive, G20 8NZ Glasgow West End (just next to the Botanic Gardens).