Kitchen on a tighter budget? Don't worry

Modern melamine coated doors are very durable and with Atlas they can be very stylish too!

Beautiful and solid, good quality kitchen doesn't have to be very expensive. If you are looking for something that will stand the test of time, is available in dozens of various styles and ranges and will not break your bank - laminate kitchen ranges are the answer!

Atlas offers several ranges of cabinets coated in melamine with different finish options, also with integrated aluminium or chrome or black handles. 

Soft handles are the top choice now - integrated brushed steel handles with soft rounded grip section. They won't catch your clothing or scratch you like some square handles can do. Soft handles can be used with a variety of doors, also with lacquered MDF doors and veneered doors. They are subtle and elegant.

Another amazing kitchen range from Atlas, laminate Agatha with dozens of finish options from Sand Beige, Ash Grey, Champagne Pine, Seagrass, Grey Pine, Bardolino Oak, Black Oak, Cherry etc is also available with integrated handles in its variation called Agnes. Aluminium Agnes handles can come in black colour as well. 

Agatha has some new options such as Anthracite Teak, Grey Craft Oak, Whitened Craft Oak, Honey Oak, Amber Oak, Hacienda White. The industrial finishes also prove very popular now - Grey Concrete, Dark Concrete, Stone Grey, Latte etc. 

Atlas new range is Avila, available with a choice of integrated handles such as Agnes, Nela, Vica or Soft handles. Avila comes in textured finish options such as Greek Walnut, Grey Chestnut, Whitewashed Oak, and also in plain satin matt options in unusual and charming colours, such as Emeral, Olive, Yellow, Azure, Kashmir.

If you're a landlord looking to renovate a kitchen for your tennants, laminate doors are the most reasonable solution as they are really durable and very good value for money. Also if you're planning to sell your property and you're just trying to refresh and upgrade it a bit to make it an easy sale, but you cannot spend too much, laminate doors are great as they are fairly cheap kitchens and they look fantastic too.